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Enewsletter Archive

Tools, Tips, Toys & Other Tidbits

Glance through previous issues for training tips, links to great articles and mentors, new products and ideas.


June 2016
Feature Article: 10 Ways to Waste your Training Dollars by Thiagi
In this article, Thiagi identifies ten points of  "Conventional Wisdom," and follows each with an explanation of the "reality" and a sound recommendation. In his article, 10 Ways to Waste your Training Dollars you'll learn about these and more: 1. Analysis and Planning 2. The Finish Line 3. Content is NOT the King ...more

May 2016
Feature Article: Something to learn from Trump University? by Barbara Carnes
"Barbara Carnes puts an interesting twist on the Trump University effectiveness evaluations that have been in the news lately. She considers the predicament of students "Changing their mind" about the effectiveness of the program by drawing from Kirkpatrick's Level 1 and Level 3 evaluations model (what do participants say immediately after the learning event compared to several months after)...more

February 2016
Feature Article: Multi-tasking and Making Training Stick by Barbara Carnes
"In study after study," Barbara says, "test scores for people who multitasked in learning environments were significantly lower than for those who did not." Barbara explores whether multitasking is bad and whether it interferes with learning and retention...more

August 2015
Feature Article: The Walkabout - Take a Summer Break and Lock-in Learning" by Sharon Bowman
Bowman explains that moving about enjoying the outdoors can all be part of the learning experience --you don't have to sacrifice content. Walkabout is one way to keep yourself and your learners awake, alert, and happy all the while...more

June 2015
Feature Article: Using Action Plans to Make Training Stick" by Barbara Carnes
Barbara explores the question of whether action plans are effective in "making training stick." She answers, "Yes, No and Maybe." She goes on to explain that the efficacy of creating an action plan depends on how you do it....more

April 2015
Feature Article: Developing Effective Learning Objectives using the "3-Tells" by Dave Gallup
"Learning objectives are more than a simple topic list or agenda presented at the beginning of a course. The best learning objectives are wholly integrated with the course and specific enough to lead to mastery."...more

March 2015
Feature Article: How Do You Know Training has Stuck? by Barbara Carnes
When we ask people if they're using what they learned in training, we often don't get the true answer...more

February 2015
Feature Article: Using "CORE" to End Your Class with Impact by the Bob Pike Group
"All too often trainers fail to close their sessions with impact or purpose," say the folks at the Bob Pike Group. "Instead, they fill up every last minute with content or 'wrap up' by asking the group if they have any questions. To avoid the dreaded uncomfortable pause, reserve the last 10-15 minutes of your session for a powerful ending..."more

January 2015
Feature Article: Sticky Objectives  by Barbara Carnes
Acknowledging that trainers are like anyone else -- making new year's resolutions that are hard to keep -- she lays out three parameters of good instructional objectives and offers a handful of tips to implement them. ..more